Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ukulele Time

Ever got burned out playing poker?

I did.

But I'll admit that I have a tendency to take my hobbies a little too far.

An example; The AVP Pro Volleyball Tour came to a beach close to me when I was about 18. I had just become interested in volleyball due to a weekly game that we played behind a friend's house. Beer, gorilla rules, you know what I mean.

Anyway, I sat my chair down right next to center court and watched Randy Stoklos, Sinjin Smith and all the guys all day. I was instantly a Stokey fan, and I immediately thought, "I can do this! We're the same size!"

I was supposed to go home that day, but instead, I sent my girlfriend home with her parents, slept in my car, and then watched every minute of the rest of the tournament.

Three years later I was playing Open. Then played for twenty more.

Similiarly, I caught the poker bug about 8 years ago. And I dove in. I read everything poker related, watched all of the shows, played every chance I got. Thousands and thousands of hours. Quit my job and played poker for forty hours a week. Had great days, crappy days, great runs, crappy runs, and everything in between. It was fun, it was not fun, it was a great mental challenge, it was tedious. But all of the sudden, I stopped.

Don't know why, but I just stopped. I haven't clicked on one of those little poker icons in more than a month, and have had absolutely no desire to do so! None! Nada! Now I just skim the articles in the magazines I once devoured, and it's shocking how quickly I went from always playing to not playing at all. Like a light switch was turned off. (Hmm...I have taught my girlfriend a lot about Hypnosis. Just sayin)

Hell, I played volleyball until my body's bitter end. It told me when to stop. And yet, I still work-out as if I could take it back up any day now.

Guess this time I was mentally fried.

One thing I always tried to teach people in my hypnotherapy practice was that your actions always follow your strongest subconscious (emotional) desire. And that it then fell on your conscious (logical) mind to rationalize your behavior. Well, I haven't been able to rationalize this one yet so I'll just have to trust my subconscious.

I'm sure I'll start to get the itch back soon, and that I'll start playing poker again. But first, I want to get Jack Johnson's 'Breakdown' perfected on the Ukulele.......

Christ. Here we go again.

Good luck and don't suck,


PS. The Ukulele in the picture is a custom model made by Dave Means at www.glyphukulele.com