Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wall Street Survivor

So, you like to play poker.

And you know that I do.

Actually, I love playing poker!

There is no better feeling than felting someone and watching their stack add to yours. Well, maybe felting two or even three people at once! Now that's a great feeling!

That said, there has always been something intriguing to me about the stock market. Maybe it was the movie Wall Street, or even Trading Places? I don't know. But the idea of billions and billions of dollars flying around each day was always fascinating to me.

But how do you get started investing? Personally, if it's my money, I want to be in control of where it goes, and not rely on some "expert broker". The "expert" my father uses had him in Tandy and Enron.

In poker, you can play at super low stakes or even play money while you learn. That used to not be the case when it comes to investing. Now it is.

Click the icon on the left and join Wall Street Survivor. You can learn investing without risking a dime! Actually, even though it's free, you can win prizes! Including cash!

Plus, even though I suck while I'm learning, it's still a total blast!

So, give it a shot! Click the icon and join Wall Street Survivor! After joining, look me up and add me to your buddy list. We can take each other on.

Good luck and don't suck,



Mark said...

What's your Wall Street Survivor name? I'm MBerger47

QAsRevenge said...

Hey Mark,

Sorry I didn't get back to you. Think my recent post will explain.

It's QAsRevenge