Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fear Part ll

Yesterday we talked about fears. Today we'll talk about fears related to Consequences of Failure.

We can use yesterday's example of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge again.

Why is it more difficult for some people to drive over a bridge than it is to drive on the regular road? It's exactly the same road; Two lanes-white lines-guardrails on the sides. No different than a million miles of other roads. The road itself isn't different.

The difference is perception and the fear of what could happen. The Consequences of Failure. You know, like plunging to your death. Which unfortunately did happen this summer, leading to the death of a truck driver.

First time in all the years the bridge has been there, but I'm sure it reinforced a lot of people's fears. "See, I told you that could happen!"

Try this experiment: Sit down and close your eyes (first read the rest obviously). Make yourself comfortable, then imagine, as clearly as you can, a 2 by 8 board-twenty feet long, lying on the floor. Now, bring all of your senses in and clearly imagine walking along that board. Notice how easy it is to walk on the board as it rest on the ground.

Now, I want you to imagine that the same board has been placed running from the top of one twelve story building to the top of another. You are now standing there on top of the twelve story building and have to walk across that same 2 by 8 board to the other building. With a drop of more than a hundred feet. Step out onto the board, glance down and clearly imagine yourself there. Use all of your senses to put yourself out on that board. Notice the change in how your body feels. If you have a good imagination, you may even find it too uncomfortable to continue.

Once again, you're thinking what the hell does this have to do with poker?


Remember a time when you risked a large chunk of your bankroll. Enough where a simple bad run could possibly erase days, weeks or even months worth of work. Maybe even crush you altogether, leaving you having to start from scratch.

Did you play your normal game? Or did the Consequences of Failure get into your head?

Is a bad run just a step on the floor? Or is it a twelve story drop?

Think about it.

Good luck and don't suck,


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