Monday, October 13, 2008

Wanna Get Paid?

Then bet bigger!

Why? Because big pots create more errors by your opponents!

Years ago, I noticed that nothing got my bluffs called faster than a large bet. I could steal a hundred pots with half or two-thirds bets, but bring in the big bet, and it was an insta-call. I began watching how players reacted to large bets and large pots and noticed that even generally solid players made mistakes more frequently in large pot situations.

I noticed that players have two distinct traits that cause them to make mistakes in big pots.
Mistakes that they generally avoid when the pots are small.

  1. They are overly optimistic.
  2. They are overly pessimistic

How's that? Simple.

The optimistic player sees a big pot brewing and thinks to himself, "Oh boy! A large pot!" And starts mentally creating justifiable reasons to stay in, even if the math dictates a fold. The pessimistic player sees your large bet and thinks, "He doesn't want a call-must be bluffing-I'm not gonna let him bluff me out of this big pot."

Your big betting has aroused an emotional response and created a need for them to stay in the hand! Math and logic go out the window.

This is actually the main difference between winning and losing players. Winning players look for reasons to get out of hands, while losing players look for excuses to stay in them.

By betting big, you will experience greater swings in your bankroll (because as you know, sometimes they get lucky) but overall it will grow. A heavy hand is the easiest way to induce errors from you opponents!

Good luck and don't suck,


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